My interview with CEO of Relativity Space, Tim Ellis

Mar 29, 2022
The FIRST 3D printed rocket (or at least the vast majority is 3D printed). This is Terran 1, with nine Aeon 1 engines on the first stage. Thank you to Tim for taking the time!

Ellie in Space

Oct 31, 2021
Want to know a little about how I got started on this crazy YouTube ride? I had a great chat with Ellie in Space.

Dave Lee on Investing

Sep 4, 2021
It was fun chatting to Dave Lee on all things SpaceX Starship, Starlink, and Musk vs Bezos. Thanks for having me on the show Dave!

We interviewed Scott Parazynski

May 31, 2020
While streaming the Demo 2 Crew Dragon mission, we were joined by astronaut Scott Parazynski (and had a blast chatting). Thanks very much also to the amazing TJ from I Need More Space, for organising this opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who has requested interviews. It has become a near impossible task to commit to many as inboxes are inundated with enquiries. Regardless, if you would like to contact us, please do so and I apologize if I am unable to respond.