SpaceX Ramps Up Progress at Roberts Road Facility

    Credit: Greg Scott


 05 February 2022

Marcus House
Written by Marcus House

Exciting news this week regarding the construction of SpaceX’s facilities around the Kennedy Space Center. I think it is useful to remind yourself where Roberts Road is. You can check it out on Google Maps right here.  Here we have the Sentinel-2 satellite imagery as it passed over the Space Coast just days ago as shared by Harry (shown in the tweet embedded). 

Greg Scott and I organised a helicopter flight over Roberts Road mid week when the weather conditions were finally perfect for it. If you don’t recall the Roberts Road facility, is right here around the KSC. This is quite an interesting shot in particular. If we zoom in and compare some closeup shots, you might see a few structures that look very familiar to what we’ve seen at Starbase over the past year. These include the assembly fixture pieces which are used as jigs to build the orbital launch tower sections as well as to transport each completed section over to the launch pad. Along with this, new concrete foundations for assembling the tower sections were also spotted. These are all the same structures that we’ve seen at the Sanchez Site at Starbase in Texas when the tower sections were being assembled there.

GSS 7676 wtr both
GSS 7678 wtr both


GSS 7680 wtr both
GSS 7679 wtr both


GSS 7681 wtr both
GSS 7684 wtr both