Italian radar satellite reaches orbit on fifth attempt

    Credit: Greg Scott


 31 January 2022

Greg Scott
Written by Greg Scott

SpaceX finally got its CSG-2 (COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation) mission aloft at 6:11pm EST today with a successful launch, deployment & landing back at LZ-1 on the Cape. After a series of four scrubs due to weather (3) and a cruise ship that drifted into the Exclusion Zone on consecutive days the F9 placed its satellites into its orbit without incident this evening.

The CSG-2 radar surveillance satellites reached a polar orbit and deployed the second generation COSMO-SkyMed spacecrafts. The satellites are improved versions of the original design that will operate in the same circular sun-synchronous dawn-dusk orbit as the first generation satellites with an altitude of 384 miles (619 km) and an inclination of 97.86. The satellites are owned by the Italian Space Agency and the Italian Ministry of Defense.

The Booster 1052.3 was assigned the duty after two previous missions as a side booster on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rockets. Launching from SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and landing back on LZ-1 the rocket preformed flawlessly and is on its way back SpaceX’s hanger for refurbishment for its next mission.

CSG2 5
CSG2 3
CSG2 1