Transporter 4 rideshare mission

    Credit: Greg Scott


 01 April 2022

Greg Scott
Written by Greg Scott

Transporter 4, SpaceX’s latest rideshare mission, launched today at 12:24pm EST from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station’s (CCSFS) LC-40. The Falcon 9 carried its 40 communications, technology & Earth observing satellites on a Southeast trajectory and eventually placed them in a polar orbit.

Booster B1061.7 landed a few minutes later on JRTI (Just Read the Instructions) drone ship just off the coast of the Bahamas roughly 330 miles downrange. This boosters first mission was for the Crew-1 mission on Nov 15th of 2020.

This was SpaceX’s 4th Transporter rideshare mission with the program beginning in January 2021. Its first Transporter mission contained 143 individual satellites to LEO making a still standing record for amount of satellites launched on one mission. While typically the Transporter mission returns to land at LZ1 at the Cape, Transporter 4 carried the EnMAP satellite which was the heaviest rideshare satellite to date and required extra boost time negating a landing back at the Cape.

SpaceX Transporter 4